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Chanupa Media’s mission is to produce authentic content that engages, educates, and enlightens. We are storytellers who effect positive change in the world.

The producers, directors, cameramen, sound recordists, researchers, archivists, editors, coordinators, and interns who comprise Chanupa Media are passionate about this collaborative effort to make the world a better place with every story, series, or project we undertake.

Welcome to Chanupa Media — Where Storytelling is Sacred.


16+ years of award-winning filmmaking in over 75 countries

Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
Giza Plateau, Egypt
Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum
Elephant Sanctuary, Kenya


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Chanupa (čhaŋnúŋpa) or chanupa wakan is the Lakota (Sioux) term for the sacred pipe. The ceremony in which a chanupa is smoked is equally sacred, as the chanupa connects physical and non-physical worlds through prayer, intention, tobacco, and smoke. While the Lakota call their pipe a chanupa, the ceremonial use of pipes and tobacco exists in many cultures around the world.


Chanupa Media believes in sacred storytelling, in authentic film making, and in consciousness raising through our efforts. Like the smoke of the sacred chanupa, we seek to be an intermediary between physical and spiritual, a conduit between message and meaning. Our team is committed to setting the highest standards in everything we produce, and we hope that our films bring moments of reflection, insight, and enlightenment to the world.



Chanupa Media is based in

New York.

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